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SJR 74 Urgent Call to Action Senate Bills

Cindy O’Laughlin may plan to bring the FRA tax up ahead of SJR 74. We need to stop her from doing this. If she succeeds the Senate may adjourn & IP reform die.

SB 735 Call to Action Senate Bills

SB 735 may be brought to the Senate floor at 4:30 pm today for a final vote. We need to make some calls to push it over the finish line.

SJR 74 Call to Action Update! House Bills

SJR 74 is being held up by Jon Patterson! Contact Representative Jon Patterson at 573-751-0907 and tell him to bring SJR 74 to the floor for a vote. 

SJR 74 Senate Bills

SJR 74 requires all such proposed constitutional amendments and new constitutions to receive a majority of the votes cast statewide as well as a majority of the votes cast in at least a majority of the Congressional districts.

Call to Action! IP Reform Update and Action Plan!

Legislative Alert Act4MO IP Update_

Meaningful IP reform is critical for Missouri. Without it, we will continue to see the left abuse our weak constitutional protections to add the right to abortion, rank-choice-voting, and who knows what other horrors may follow.

Parking Lot Podcast #4

We Support the Freedom Caucus

In the latest Parking Lot Podcast, members of the Missouri Freedom Caucus update us on the Senate passage of SJR 74 and what is next! The main point is they appreciate all the grassroots has done, but we can’t back off. We must keep the pressure on the Leadership!