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Something’s not right. Things don’t make sense. Deep down you know this yet you can’t connect the dots. There are too many nonsensical parts, a barrage of contradictory information floating about. We know. We understand. Doug is here to help make sense of the senseless.

Arise & Build is a place for Missouri believers to gather for INSPIRATION, EDUCATION, & ACTIVATION for the purpose of stewarding freedom across the state.

The Shield Maidens of Missouri Podcast offers a weekly review of the legislative sessions in real time. They name names. They point fingers! They teach you to connect the dots. If you want to know the real truth of what is going on at the Capitol, you have to listen to the Shield Maidens. 

We follow the money in Missouri and Lincoln County politics. Our mission is to investigate the money behind issues and politicians and expose the truth to the public. We’re doing what no one else does by pulling on that dangling thread to see what unravels.

Alex Manford is a grassroots leader in the Christian Conservative Movement in Missouri. She is the leader of the Cass County Chapter of the Missouri Freedom Foundation and is always fighting for conservative values in the state. 

Mark is a lifelong Republican and ardent anti-communist. He received his law degree from SMU and has spent the last 37 years representing the rights of his fellow citizens. He is currently the host of “Mark McCloskey On Fire”

A conversational podcast where current events get broken down and modern culture is examined through the lens of Conservative, Christian Values! Welcome to the discussion! Helping to save America by saving 80,000,000 Americans. Flyover Conservatives is a great resource.

The Missouri Firearms Coalition is Missouri’s most effective gun rights organization! We fight to expand the 2nd Amendment for our members, not to protect the careers of politicians in Jeff City! Aaron Dorr stays on top of the issues affecting Missouri Gun Owners.

One of the best resources for all things Missouri Politics! It was created as “A place where County Committees can work together to promote the values of our Party’s Platform,” but it has valuable information for anyone in the grassroots conservative movement! Below are just some of the valuable resources available on the site!

The Republican Association of Central Committees of Missouri has been the driving force behind establishing a vetting process in Missouri! 

What is vetting? Vetting is a way to help ensure that candidates who wish to run as Republicans are actual Republicans.  This is done by examining a candidate’s knowledge and agreement with the Party Platform, voting record, and public statements (including social media posts.) 

Why is vetting important? Simply put, on paper, Missouri Republicans have a supermajority in both the House and Senate, as well as major state offices such as Governor, LT. Governor, Sec. of State, and Attorney General. Yet, the Democrat minority leader stated at the end of the 2023 legislative session that the Democrats couldn’t have been happier with the session if they had been the party in control. Sadly, this statement wasn’t just spin; the real supermajority doesn’t belong to the GOP; it belongs to the Uniparty (Rino’s and Democrats.) 

At this time, vetting is voluntary, but many candidates have already been vetted. Candidates from all levels (from Governor to local County Positions) have recognized the importance and value of vetting and participated themselves!

Central Committee Information

What is the purpose of the central committees? According to the Missouri Republican State Committee Bylaws:

“To support the Constitution and laws of the United States of America and
the Constitution and laws of the State of Missouri to the end that
government shall be truly and in fact “a government of the people, by the
people and for the people.”
To foster loyalty to the Republican Party and to promote its principles, and
to recruit, assist and elect Republican candidates.
To facilitate cooperation among the National, State and local Republican
Committee, by including but not limited to: maintaining close
communication with members of the County Committees, Legislative
Committees, Senatorial Committees, Judicial Committees, and
Congressional Committees and assisting the State Chairman, Executive
Director, Finance Director, and the Missouri Republican Party staff
members in their efforts to raise funds, recruit candidates, communicate
with local Republican leadership and to develop and implement programs
for building and strengthening the Republican Party in the State of