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SJR 74

SJR 74 Modifies provisions relating to constitutional amendments.

Current law provides that any constitutional amendment proposed by the initiative or constitutional convention or new constitution shall take effect at the end of 30 days after the election when approved by a simple majority of the votes cast on the measure. SJR 74 requires all such proposed constitutional amendments and new constitutions to receive a majority of the votes cast statewide as well as a majority of the votes cast in at least a majority of the Congressional districts, such approved amendments to take effect at the end of 31 days after the election.

(Summary from SCOTT SVAGERA)

Bill Sponsor: Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman

Proposed Effective Date: Upon Voter Approval

Last Action: Perfected on 2/19/2024

Vote Result: No results published

Next Action: Waiting Full House Vote Position: Supporting now that amendment 3890S.13F remains included. This added back the key components that were removed by the Senate right before sending to the House.

  • The use of Concurrent Majority Ratification. This is a two-step process that gives ALL Missourians an equal voice in approving Constitutional amendments.
  • Prohibits non-citizens from voting on ballot initiatives
  • Prohibits any foreign government or political party from influencing or donating money for a ballot initiative

Here is 3890S.13F that added back the key provisions.


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