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Call to Action! IP Reform Update and Action Plan!


After the Freedom Caucus Four (Senators Brattin, Eigel, Hoskins, and Koenig) forced the Senate leadership to bring SJR 74 out of committee and to the Senate floor for consideration, the RINOs struck back and stripped critical components of the bill before passing and sending it to the House.

Some key Grassroots activists, such as Ron Calzone, are calling for us to drop support for the bill. He points out that the bill’s current version would put us in a worse position than we are currently with no IP Reform. Ron is correct; the bill in its current condition is something that we cannot support. However, agrees with the Freedom Foundation MO’s Byron Keelin approach. Byron is calling for us to try and get the following changes made to the bill in the House:

  • Require any initiative petition passed by the legislature be required to use the Concurrent Majority Ratification.
  • Require they reinstate the prohibition of non-citizen voting on all ballot initiatives.
  • Require they reinstate the prohibition of the foreign influence or sponsorship of any ballot initiative.

If we can force these changes to be made in the House, we still have the chance to get meaningful IP Reform on the ballot this year. If we fail to make the changes, we will have to call for the bill to be killed, and IP Reform will be dead once again.

Meaningful IP reform is critical for Missouri. Without it, we will continue to see the left abuse our weak constitutional protections to add the right to abortion, rank-choice-voting, and who knows what other horrors may follow.

Therefore, we are asking you to do three things:

First: Call and/or email the Republican members of the House Elections and Elected Officials Committee today: Tell them we want the three changes above made to the bill.

Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-District 7) 573-751-2917

Rep. Dan Stacy (R-District 31) 573-751-8636

Rep. Brad Bonderman (R-District 119) 573-751-0549

Rep. Tricia Byrnes (R-District 63) 573-751-1460

Rep. Jeff Coleman (R-District 32) 573-751-1487

Rep. Bill Falkner (R-District 10) 573-751-9755

Rep. Roger Reedy (R-District 57) 573-751-3971

Rep. Alex Riley (R-District 134) 573-751-2210

Rep. Adam Schwadron (R-District 105) 573-751-2949

Rep. Justin Sarks (R-District 110) 573-751-0562

Rep. Cheri Toalson-Reisch (R-District 44) 573-751-1169

Rep. Ken Waller (R-District 114) 573-751-4451

Second: Submit your testimony by March 12, 2024. If you can make it in person, that would be best, but if everyone can submit it online.

It is easy to do. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click this link:
  2. Check the box for SJR 74
  3. Testify as either an individual or, better yet, as an organization, using the Freedom Principle MO as the organization.
  4. Select in support of the bill.
  5. Ask for the three changes above to be made to the bill.
  6. Select whether you will be testifying in person or not.
  7. Fill out the contact information
  8. Click the Acknowledgement and, very importantly, reply to the email they will send you to confirm your submission.

Finally: Pray for a good outcome! Remember, this is ultimately a spiritual battle, and even though it looks bleak, God can do all things!

More information:

Ron Calzone’s detailed information on the bill and the problems with its current contents.

Watch Byron Keelin’s legislative update discussing the path forward.