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SJR 74 Call to Action Update! House Bills

SJR 74 is being held up by Jon Patterson! Contact Representative Jon Patterson at 573-751-0907 and tell him to bring SJR 74 to the floor for a vote. 

Vernon County Vetting Upheld By Court!

Vetted 2024

Vernon County Vetting Upheld By Court! The judge ordered the Vernon County Clerk to remove candidates from the ballot because the Vernon County Committee did not accept their filing fee.

HJR 104 House Bills

HJR 104 Modifies constitutional provisions about elections and voting.

Vernon County Republicans Silenced

Support Vernon County!

The Credentials Committee has disqualified the Vernon County delegates and alternates for the 4 Congressional District from attending the April 6th convention.

SJR 78 Senate Bills

The SJR 78 amendment provides that only citizens of the United States over the age of 18 who are residents of Missouri are entitled to vote at all elections.

SB 724 Senate Bills

SB 724 creates the Office of Election Crimes and Security within the Secretary of State’s office. This act is similar to SB 350 (2023).

Arise & Build Podcast E48 from Jodi Grace

Arise and Build with Jodi Grace

In this episode Jodi talks about the just completed Presidental Caucus and about the Data Mining that DESE is doing with our children in Missouri schools. Below are the show notes for this episode.