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Vernon County Republicans Silenced

CD4 Credentials Committee disqualifies Vernon County Delegates!

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What happened?

The Credentials Committee has disqualified the Vernon County delegates and alternates for the 4 Congressional District from attending the April 6th convention. The reason given was “…because they were not submitted in proper format within the given time.” Vernon County Chair Cyndia Haggard discovered an error in their submission and self-reported with immediate corrective action. The error was due to a scanner malfunction and led to the omission of some delegate contact information. Again, this omission was self-reported and corrected on March 12, 2024, a full three weeks before the convention.


We have learned that on March 20th, Trey Fauxcheu, who works for Miles, sent an email out on March 20th to those counties that had document problems, and let them cure the defect. This opportunity was NOT provided to Vernon County.

Why would they do this?

For this minor clerical error, the Republicans of Vernon County have their delegates rejected. Why would the Credentials Committee take such a drastic and harsh action? The answer may be in the effort of Vernon County Central Committee to bring integrity to the Missouri GOP candidate selection process. Despite technically having a “Super-Majority” in both Houses of the State Legislature, a Republican Governor, and other major state offices, Missouri Republicans continue to fail to deliver on the promises of the State Party Platform. It is so bad that at the end of last year’s legislative session, Democrat leaders stated that they couldn’t have hoped for a better session if they had the majority! Cyndia Haggard has been a leader in attempting to bring some accountability to existing officeholders and prevent Republicans in Name Only (RINO) from fraudulently running under the Republican Party brand.

Instead of embracing or even acknowledging the will of the people, the Missouri Establishment GOP once again uses its power to silence the people. Just as we saw the Missouri Senate leadership strip committee positions from Freedom Caucus Members who were voicing the will of the people, we saw the State GOP doing the same to the people of Vernon County. These same people who work to silence our voices are at the same time asking for our money and our votes!

What can you do?

If you agree that this was a vindictive and outrageous abuse of power that unjustly has removed the voice of Republican Voters in Vernon County, start by contacting the State Chair, Nick Myers, at and calling the State GOP headquarters at (573) 606-0402 and demanding that delegates from Vernon County be reinstated!

You can also send a message to CD4 Chair Carla Young through the Pettis County GOP website. She is the also the chair of county RCC.

Further, below are members of the CD4 Credentials Committee that made this decision; if they are your local committee members, let them know where you stand!

Credentials Committee for the 4th Congressional District Convention

David Kelsay from Henry County – Chair

Brandon Phelps from Johnson County

Abe Kropf from Pettis County

Susan Steiner from Benton County


If they can silence Vernon County, they can silence your county! Let us stand with our fellow Republicans in Vernon County! We need a united party this November, but that is only of benefit if it is a party that represents the values and goals of the people. The Establishment of the Missouri GOP only seems interested in the values and objectives of the lobbyists! Let us remind them that this is our party! If they want to be part of a party of tyrants, they should join the other party that they already too often side with.