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SJR 78 Prevents Rank-Choice Voting in Missouri

SJR 78 is being considered this week and it would prohibit Rank-Choice Voting in Missouri.

Matt Crouch from Heritage Action for America issued the following alert:

The Missouri Senate will hold a vote this week to decide the fate of SJR 78, much-needed protections for our state’s election process. They need to hear your voice.

The Left is pouring money into states across the country in an effort to overhaul our election system with Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV) and they will no doubt double-down in Missouri where they have already spent more than 6.8 million dollars. RCV is about political power, not about what is best for Missouri. Thankfully, Sen. Ben Brown has introduced Senate Joint Resolution 78 which would prohibit Ranked-Choice Voting in our state.

>>Take Action and help get SJR 78 passed

Ranked-Choice Voting fundamentally changes the election process and is fraught with problems.This report highlights the many issues with Ranked-Choice Voting. RCV:

  • Is prone to errors. Alameda County, California officials admitted two months after a 2022 school board election that they had incorrectly tabulated the RCV votes and had certified the wrong person as the winner.
  • Disenfranchises voters. Nearly one in three voters do not rank multiple candidates in RCV elections. Thus, if a voter does not rank all the candidates in a race, that voter’s ballot may be thrown out in subsequent rounds of vote tabulation.
  • Undermines the democratic process. The ultimate winner in RCV is often not the choice of a majority of voters who participated in the election and thus, does not have a genuine mandate from a majority of voters.

Our nation was built on the consent of the governed. When citizens believe that elections produce clear results between known opposing ideas, they learn to live with results even if they do not like the outcome.

>> Don’t wait! Take action today and encourage your Senator to support SJR 78.

Learn more about SJR 78 here!