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HJR 104 Modifies constitutional provisions about elections and voting

HJR 104 specifies that only citizens of the United States
shall be entitled to vote in public elections.
The resolution specifies that all elections shall be by paper
ballot, as well as any mechanical method prescribed by law.
HJR 104 mandates that voters shall have only a single vote
for each issue or number of open seats to be voted on at an
HJR 104 provides that the person receiving the greatest
number of votes at a primary election as a party candidate for an
office shall be the only candidate for that party at the general
election, unless removed or replaced as provided by law. The
person receiving the greatest number of votes at the general
election shall be declared the winner.
HJR 104 provides that voting machines shall be tested and
certified as secure in accordance with federal standards prior to
each election in which they will be used.
This proposed constitutional amendment will only go into effect if
adopted by a vote of the people.
This bill is the same as HJR 66 (2023)

Bill Sponsor: Representative Ben Baker

Proposed Effective Date: 8/28/2024

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