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The GOP Betrays MO Grassroots!

(From Matt Goben of We the People of Cass County)

Drain the Swamp

Betrayal by The MO GOP

The following statement was released last night by the Grassroots delegates that represented us at the MO state convention earlier this year, from which the MO state delegates were elected that were supposed to represent the state of MO at the RNC convention (My own thoughts come after):

The Missouri SWAMP inside the Republican Party is trying to overrule the will of the Missouri citizens!

This past spring, Republicans across our state participated in county caucuses, congressional district caucuses, and a state convention. At that state convention on May 4th, the Missouri Republican Party, led by Chairman Nick Myers, made a horrendous mistake and completely fouled up the credentialing process. As a result of this huge series of mistakes, the Republican National Committee is set to completely invalidate the grassroots delegates and alternate delegates that were voted to attend the national convention and support Donald J Trump for President.

The MO GOP screwed up, but now they are trying to get another chance to select different delegates and alternate delegates. The people they want are all SWAMP creatures, not grassroots. There is a legal argument called the “Doctrine of Unclean Hands.” It simply states that someone who is at fault in a situation cannot benefit from that situation. Clearly, in this situation, Mr. Myers and the MO GOP screwed up, and the result was the loss of our delegates at the national convention. They should not get to choose delegates different from the state convention.

We cannot allow this to happen! We must rise up and tell Mr. Nick Myers that his actions are unacceptable! Mr. Meyers can make this RIGHT if he chooses to do so. We demand that the original 27 delegates and 27 alternates be resubmitted and allowed to vote for Donald J Trump for President.

Please contact Mr. Myers at or by phone at (573) 606-0402. Tell Mr. Myers you want the grassroots delegates resubmitted.

In my honest opinion, this statement is completely understating what has happened. The Missouri Republican Party leadership, and specifically the MO GOP Chairman, Nick Myers, has flipped you and I a giant middle finger, and declared our voices don’t matter, and we are to sit down and remember our place.

Betrayal by The National GOP

To make matters that much worse, what has the national party, supposedly now led by Lara Trump, done about this travesty? See for yourself…

Rather than take some responsibility for ensuring that the grassroots in the Republican party (who are the REAL reason Donald Trump is the GOP candidate for President in 2024) are heard and properly represented, the RNC has simply washed its hands of the whole situationand given control over the situation back to the completely incompetent and fully corrupt individual that caused the issue to begin with, Nick Myers!

This cannot… this must not stand!

Call To Action!

We are at a pivotal point in both Missouri and National politics right now, today. Missouri is leading the way with grassroots activism, and we made history when we took control of the Missouri Convention, not with bullying and chaos, but doing everything by the book that the MO GOP leadership wrote. The whole event was recorded, and affidavits were signed and presented to the national GOP, and it was all ignored!

If you consider yourself a member of the grassroots GOP movement to take back the party, the state of Missouri, and our nation from the uniparty in Washington, that starts RIGHT NOW, by standing with US as we work hard to make right what the feckless, corrupt, and incompetent leadership in the MO GOP has done and the useless national RNC refuses to address!

PLEASE take the following ACTIONS ASAP!

  1. PRAY! We need the guidance of the Holy Spirit if we are going be the difference makers!
  2. CONTACT Nick Myers ASAP and demand he reinstate the original grassroots slate and then resign! His incompetence and corruption prove he is not fit for the role.
  3. SHARE this newsletter, or your own version of its contents with EVERY grassroots GOP Patriot you know, and ask THEM to do the SAME!

Here is Nick Myers contact information once again:

(573) 606-0402

Please contact him BOTH by email AND phone!


Sign ACT4MO.ORG petition demanding Nick Myers Resign!