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SJR 74 Update and Call to Action! House Bills

It has been a battle to get meaningful IP reform passed this term. We can still get it done, but SJR 74 needs our support to get it over the finish line.

The SB 727 Problem Senate Bills

There has been a lot of discussion about SB 727, and we want to provide the most complete information on the bill. Included are the best resources available.

Education Freedom Act Needs Support!

Support MO SB 814

Education Freedom Act Needs Support! Freedom Principle MO Calls for Senate Leadership to Quit Stalling and Bring SB 814 to the Senate Floor for an Immediate Vote!

SB 814 Senate Bills

SB 814 creates the Education Freedom Act and modifies provisions relating to the assessment of public elementary and secondary schools.

HB 2937 House Bills

HB 2937 establishes the “Student Opportunity Savings Accounts Program”. The purpose of the Program is to provide direct payments to “eligible pupils” for “qualified expenses” at an “approved education entity” as those terms are defined in the bill.

Protect Missouri Home Schools

Stop or Change SB 727!

SB 727 Must be Significantly Changed or Stopped! Senator Andrew Koenig’s bill, SB 727, has two major problems that put homeschooling and private schools at risk.

Call to Action! Support Real Education Freedom!

Support MO SB 814

Senator Jill Carter’s bill SB 814 establishes the “Education Freedom Act.” The act modifies provisions relating to the statewide assessment system, school accountability report cards, and the powers and duties of the State Board of Education.

Arise & Build Podcast E48 from Jodi Grace

Arise and Build with Jodi Grace

In this episode Jodi talks about the just completed Presidental Caucus and about the Data Mining that DESE is doing with our children in Missouri schools. Below are the show notes for this episode.

Missouri Grassroot Groups Statement on Educational Freedom

Several grassroots groups have raised serious concerns about the substance of the proposed legislation being considered. As a result they have issued a group statement opposing expanding any government funded vouchers, Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, or savings accounts.