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SB 727 Must be Significantly Changed or Stopped!

Senator Andrew Koenig’s bill, SB 727, has two major problems that put homeschooling and private schools at risk. This bill is proliferating into an Omnibus bill. It is currently 167 pages and growing. The two biggest concerns are the following:

  1. The Bill requires homeschool students to enroll. This is a major change to the current requirements. Currently homeschool students are not required to enroll, register, or have any other requirement that would allow them to be tracked. This bill would change that. We don’t want the State government expanding its reach and tracking homeschools.
  2. This Bill also gives DESE access to homeschool and private school data. This expands DESE’s reach and power over them and is the first step to allow DESE influence over rules that govern and the future creation of requirements for our private schools and homeschools.

For the best coverage of this bill listen to the lastest episode of Arise & Build from Jodi Grace.

Here is a link to her show notes!

Call to Action!

Our best course of action is to contact our conservative Senators and ask them to make the significant changes needed, or if that cannot be accomplished, then to kill the bill. As always, please be courteous and respectful of their time, but stress that our two main concerns need to be addressed, or we want to kill the bill.

Senator Bill Eigel


Senator Rick Brattin


Senator Mike Moon


Senator Andrew Koenig, bill sponsor


Senator Denny Hoskins


Senator Ben Brown


Senator Jill Carter


Senator Nick Schroer


See the full perfected version of the bill below: