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SB 727 Debate and School Choice Expansion

March 19th, 2024 4-6pm Real Talk 93.3 FM & Streaming

There has been a lot of discussion about Senator Andrew Koenig’s Education Bill, SB 727. Most of the controversy is around how it impacts homeschoolers and private schools. Does it give DESI a foothold that could expand its reach to include home schools? Shield Maiden, Stacy Shore will debate Senator Andrew Koenig and Representative Phil Christophanelli today 4 pm on Real Talk Radio 93.3 FM. This debate should offer some clarity. Stacy Shore is very knowledgeable about the bill and the issues of concern. With the bill’s sponsor, Senator Koenig, and Representative Phil Christophanelli    , going over the bill with her, both sides will be represented well.

Here is the reply of the show!