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Missouri Grassroot Groups Statement on Educational Freedom

We must always be on guard for deception in legislation. Politicians have learned that giving a great title often gives them enough cover to justify their support, and often, we find that the meaning of the title is the opposite of thecontent of the bill itself. Another tactic is to insert poison pills in legislation that would otherwise be popular with the people. The Missouri Legislator is currently debating legislation that would expand school vouchers and “Empowerment Scholarships.” While most in the conservative movement support parents right to educate their children as they see fit, and want to empower parents ability to do accomplish this, giving more power to the State government is not the way achieve this.

Several grassroots groups have raised serious concerns about the substance of the proposed legislation being considered. As a result they have issued a group statement opposing expanding any government funded vouchers, Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, or savings accounts. They remind us that “Government Funded” means “Government Controlled.” The legislation under consideration would bring Homeschools under more government controll and thus actually limit Parents ability to educate their children according to their convections and beliefs.