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HB 1763 House Bills

HB 1763 requires that, beginning January 1, 2027, all officers submit referrals for any violations to DAs in the form approved.

SJR 74 Call to Action Update! House Bills

SJR 74 is being held up by Jon Patterson! Contact Representative Jon Patterson at 573-751-0907 and tell him to bring SJR 74 to the floor for a vote. 

SJR 74 Update and Call to Action! House Bills

It has been a battle to get meaningful IP reform passed this term. We can still get it done, but SJR 74 needs our support to get it over the finish line.

HJR 104 House Bills

HJR 104 Modifies constitutional provisions about elections and voting.

HB 2937 House Bills

HB 2937 establishes the “Student Opportunity Savings Accounts Program”. The purpose of the Program is to provide direct payments to “eligible pupils” for “qualified expenses” at an “approved education entity” as those terms are defined in the bill.

HB 1650 House Bills

HB 1650 defines “adult cabaret performance” and creates the offense of engaging in an adult cabaret performance, which is a class A misdemeanor for a first offense and a class E felony for a second or subsequent offense. A person commits the offense of engaging in an adult cabaret performance if the performance is on public property or is in a location where the performance could be viewed by a child.