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How you can Support Vernon County

Time is critical in our hope to restore the voice of the Republican Voters of Vernon County. Below is a letter of support for Vernon County. If you want to add your voice, please fill out the form below! If you would like to learn more about the situation, click here.


Why does Vernon County, MO, need support, you might ask.

The End of the Story-for those who hate to read:

  • They have been stripped of the Caucus delegates for the 4th Congressional District by short-sighted, tyrannical leaders.
    Remember the assault on our votes by Dominion?

Now imagine it’s your OWN party stealing your votes!

Let’s start with a little about who Vernon County, MO, is from our favorite source of truth……Wikipedia

  • Vernon County is located in the western region of Missouri, on the border with Kansas.
  • As of the 2020 census, the population was 19,707.
  • The county seat is Nevada.
  • The county was organized in Feb of 1855.
  • It was named for Colonel Miles Vernon, a state senator, and veteran of the Battle of New Orleans.
  • This area was part of the large historic territory of the Osage Nation of Native Americans.
  • The county has a total area of 837 square miles, 10 miles of which is water.

It’s not a particularly large county for Missouri in population or land mass; Not the smallest either.

But this county on the west side of Missouri has been making some big noise over the last 18 months.

  • The Republican Central Committee, led by a fearless chair, has made big strides in working to hold the Missouri GOP accountable to the 114 central committees of the Republican party in the state as well as to the conservative platform of the Republican party.

You see, the MOGOP brags about a “super majority” legislature.
A Scarlet R dons the chest of every state-wide legislator, 24 of the 34 Senators, and 111 of the 162 House members
Yet we have more than doubled our state budget in 4 years, and we’ve increased taxes, we’ve taken more federal “kickbacks”
than carter has pills…….We’ve spent the last 4+ years acting very Democrat !!

So, back to Vernon County—Why do they need OUR SUPPORT?

  • Their Republican central committee voted to VET ALL CANDIDATES WHO WANTED TO RUN AS A REPUBLICAN!!
    They, along with MANY other counties in Missouri, adopted a vetting process developed by a new organization called REPACCMO (Republican Association of Central Committee of Missouri).

They’ve spent hundreds of hours encouraging the MOGOP to adopt the vetting process. But their pleas fell on DEAF ears
and Stubborn, Ignorant hearts and minds.

So why did they lose their right to vote in the 4th Congressional District Caucus?

Per the certified letter the chair received on Good Friday, 7 days before the CD4 Caucus: ”….they were not submitted in
the proper format within the given time”

This deserves some backstory as well, but in brief:

  • 2 sheets of paper went through the scanner at the same time in the “proper format” and weren’t noticed immediately
    however, the same delegate information was submitted at the same time (within 72 hours) in a legible fashion on a
    different sheet of paper.
  • Even though the “error scan” was recognized as received by the state GOP, the error of the “proper format” scan was NOT communicated to the county caucus chair or secretary by the state or the CD chair.
  • The county chair/secretary noticed the error within the next week and notified the state GOP–resending the “proper format.”
  • The state GOP recognized their new submission (all this weeks before the CD4 caucus)—never telling them then that their delegates were in jeopardy when an appeal could have been made.

Could stripping their delegates be vindication for standing firm against the corruption in our GOP?
It’s curious that no other congressional district has denied counties their delegates in the state.
What is the statistical probability that in a state with 8 Congressional Districts and a total of 924 delegates…..that only 1
county of 4 delegates had a “clerical error” worthy of denying the Republican vote of an entire county??
With Republicans like this…….who needs Democrats!!
If you would like to sign your support for Vernon County to this open letter, please do so below.

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