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Nick Myers Must Resign as Chairman of The Missouri Republican Party!

There has been a lot of talk about the State Convention this past Saturday. The issue with the “credentials process” is chief among them. Getting all the delegates credentialed and seated took over four hours. The State GOP had two months since the county caucus to get the list of delegates straight. By Saturday morning, all that was required was to make sure the Photo IDs matched a name on the list and then check off those that showed up. That is not a difficult task. The fact that they were unable to do that for whatever reason falls on Nick Myers.


It was because Nick Myers failed to get the delegates’ credentials that the day ran so long. If he had led a competent convention, we would have started on time, and there would have been no issue. Any blame falls squarely on Nick Myers.


His attempt to shift the blame further demonstrates his lack of leadership. A good leader accepts responsibility and doesn’t look for people to blame. There is no one for him to blame but himself.


He realized he had lost the confidence of the convention attendees and, as a result, had to turn over the temporary chair to the parliamentarian. How can we expect him to run the whole party if he can’t run a convention? This year, it is too important to have a leader as inadequate as Nick Myers. The Republicans of Missouri have lost all confidence in him to run the party. If you agree, please add your name below.