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SJR 74 Critical Alert on IP Reform

We have to keep the pressure on the Senate leadership to pass SJR 74. Call and Call again!

If we don’t get IP reform passed now, the consequences are truly dire. We must get SJR 74 passed now! We will be an abortion-on-demand state, rank-choice voting, and all sorts of attacks on our 2nd Amendment Rights will follow. If we don’t move NOW to protect our State Constitution, Billionaires will bypass our State Legislators and get all their leftist agenda enacted in our Constitution. This is the most important fight we have right now. We must do all we can to succeed!

Please call Caleb Rowden at 573-751-3931 and Cindy O’Laughlin at 573-751-7985 and tell them to honor the deal and bring up SJR 74. The Senate leadership can end this log jam by honoring their deal and passing SJR 74. 

Call Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman at 573-751-1492 and tell her to fight for HER BILL!

Other Senators to call and insist that IP Reform be done before anything else is are:

Senator Curtis Trent 573-751-1503

Senator Fitswater 573-751-2757

Call your Senator too! Here is the link to the directory!

SJR 74 Protect Life