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Events happen quickly in Jefferson City, and the lobbyists always lurk in the capitol halls. Help us even the field! Join our text list to get notified when you need to call or visit the capitol to support our conservative agenda. 

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Want to hear for yourself what is going on in Jefferson City? The links below will allow you to listen live to both the House and Senate when they are in session. The House also has feeds to many committee meetings.


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The first step in taking action is being informed. Here you will find the latest news, great podcasters to follow, and other information concerning Missouri Politics.


Missouri Capitol Building

Events you can participate in. Central Committee meetings, Rallies, Candidate Events, and other chances for you to make your voice heard!

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Grassroots Supported Candidates

Below are candidates that have captured the attention of grassroots conservative groups. These are candidates that have actively engaged grassroots groups with their time and support. Most have been vetted. This list is far from comprehensive at this point. Right now, all of our focus needs to be on the legislative session. Once that has concluded, this site will turn its focus on the primary election on August 6th.  In the meantime, if you have a candidate you would like for this site to consider for inclusion, please fill out the form below.

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Grassroots groups

We the People of Johnson County

A group of conservative-minded people who seek to serve God, our country, and our community!

Meets on the third Monday of the Month at the Johnson County Fairgrounds!

We the People of Cass County

We The People of Cass County MO exists to promote a return to true conservatism by: * Educating ourselves and others on the principles of real conservatism * Working to see real conservatives elected or appointed to every available position in Cass county and beyond * Partnering with likeminded groups to increase our reach, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Jodi Grace Ministries is a Christian faith-based non-profit organization that’s financially supported by contributions from friends and partners of our ministry.

Through the calling God gave to Jodi, Jodi Grace Ministries exists to serve Christ-followers in Missouri by inspiring, educating and equipping them for activation in order to create community, steward freedom and affect change in our culture. 

Heritage Action was founded in 2010 and is armed with the research and policies of The Heritage Foundation.

Our mission is to fight for conservative policies in Washington, D.C. and in state capitals across the country. We turn ideas into bills and bills into law.

This group functions as a place of community for conservative Missourians who are ready to learn and peacefully take action to preserve, protect, and grow ALL of our freedoms.
We are growing and learning how to take action steps to ensure our liberty continues, our health grows stronger and more self-sufficient, and our finances flourish.

The Freedom Principle MO is an America-First, Missouri-First, pro-Constitution membership-based 501(c)4 organization promoting political action, engaging in legislation, and supporting elected officials who defend and define their actions by the fundamental rules and rights of our Constitutional Republic, as codified by our Founding Fathers and given to us by God.

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