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About the Rapid Response Team

The halls of the Capitol Building in Jefferson City are filled with lobbyists, many of whom are working for interests outside the state or in opposition to the conservative values we wish to promote and protect. Even the GOP leadership often is working against us and their own party platform. Events happen quickly, and we often learn we have lost a fight before we know there was a fight.

The Rapid Response Team is an attempt at leveling the playing field. By joining the team, you will receive text messages when there is an issue that your voice could make a difference. When such an issue arises, you will receive a text message with a brief description of the issue and what action you can take. Often, this will be to call or email your representative or other government officials and inform others of the issue.

The text provider we use for this service requires the disclaimer at the bottom of the signup form, but the purpose of this group text is only to inform its members of a call for action on a critical legislative issue. No promotional or commercial texts will be sent, and your information will not be sold or shared with any group.  

At any time, if you wish to be removed from the group, Reply “STOP” to any text from or email

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