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Censure Patterson

Getting meaningful IP Reform is the most critical objective for this session of the Missouri General Assembly. It has been an up-and-down battle to achieve this goal, and it is now within reach, but one man is standing in the way. That man is House Majority Floor Leader Jon Patterson. Passing SJR 74 is vital, and Rep. Patterson refuses to bring it to the floor for a vote. This is not the first time that Rep. Patterson has been an obstacle in getting key components of our party platform realized in legislation; because of that and the importance of moving this legislation forward, we call on the State GOP to censure Patterson and call upon him to resign from leadership.

Letter to Missouri State GOP Calling for the Censure of House Majority Floor Leader Jon Patterson.

Mr. Nick Myers

Chair, Missouri Republican Party

428 E Capitol Ave

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Dear Mr. Myers,

The Republican Voters of Missouri expect Republican Leadership to be their voices and reflect the values and agenda of the State Platform. That Platform states, “Reforms to the initiative petition process including reducing out-of-state influence for this process and requiring more than a simple majority vote to change the Constitution.” Given that Republicans have a supermajority in both houses and a Republican as the Governor, this essential party policy should be easy to achieve. Unfortunately, with few legislative days left in the 2024 session, the effort to fulfill this promise to GOP voters is in danger of dying in the House. The reason is that one man, the House Majority Floor Leader, Jon Patterson, is holding it up!

Representative Patterson has a history of going against the will of the Missouri Republican Voters. Last year, Patterson voted against the Safe Act, which protects Missouri’s children from mutilating transgender surgery, and he was key in adding a four-year sunset provision in the bill. More recently, Patterson blocked two 2nd Amendment bills, one that would allow citizens to carry firearms on Public Transportation and inside Churches. The second one would have exempted firearms and ammunition from sales taxes.

Now, Representative Patterson’s actions could lead to a Constitutional Amendment making Abortions legal up to birth! The state party cannot stay silent on this matter. There is too much at stake; not only is the Majority Floor Leader destroying the trust between the party and the voters, but more importantly, the harm to the state and the lives lost is unthinkable! It is time for you to act!

Mr. Myers, the signers of this letter, call on you to immediately Censure House Majority Leader Patterson and ask for his resignation from House leadership. If the party continues to allow a member of leadership to go against its platform without consequences, the people of Missouri will rightly conclude that the Missouri Republican Party says one thing when seeking their votes but does the opposite when elected.

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