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Show your support for the Missouri Freedom Caucus!

On January 23rd, Senate President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden stripped Senators Bill Eigel, Rick Brattin, Denny Hoskins, and Andrew Koenig of their committee chairs, took their parking spots, and cut their office budgets. This retaliatory move was made by Senate Pro Tem Caleb Rowden and Majority Leader Cindy O’Laughlin against these four Missouri Freedom Caucus members. What was their crime? They are fighting for Initiative Petition Reform to protect the unborn, prevent rank-choice voting, and other proposals from radical leftist groups wanting to permanently change our State Constitution.

Many Counties’ Republican Central Committees have issued letters of support, as have many Republican Clubs and Organizations, including We The People of Johnson County. The Johnson County Republican Central Committee decided not to issue a letter of support for the Freedom Caucus Senators involved, which includes their own Senator Rick Brattin and Senator Denny Hoskins, who is a resident of Johnson County. Since the voices of so many Johnson County residents are not being represented,  below is an opportunity for the Conservative Johnson County residents to voice their support for these courageous Senators. We offer the simple proclamation of support below. If you are a resident of Johnson County, Missouri, and wish to send your support, add your name below. The Proclamation will be open for signing until noon on February 15th, 2024. 

We Support the Freedom Caucus

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Proclamation of Support

We, the undersigned, living in Johnson County, Missouri, do hereby pledge our support and prayers for Senators Rick Brattin, Denny Hoskins, Bill Eigel, and Andrew Koenig.

See the press conference from Senators Eigel, Hoskins, Brattin, and Koenig responding to the actions of Senator Rowden.