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Vernon County Delegates Reinstated!

Delegates at the CD4 Congressional Convention voted 84 to 38 to reinstate the Vernon County Delegates.

Saturday was a banner day for Grassroots Conservatives in the 4th Congressional District. It began with the headline showdown between the establishment and Grassroots groups over seating the Vernon County Delegates. The establishment went on the offensive right from the start, with the chair of the CD4, Carla Young, calling on the Credentials Committee Chair, David Kelsay (Henry County), to present the committee’s report. He recognized the other committee members, (Brandon Phelps (Johnson County), Abe Kropf (Pettis County), and Susan Steiner (Benton County). He stated that they had ruled without exception that the Vernon County Delegates should not be seated because their delegates were not submitted in the proper format or time frame, as they had stated in the letter. Kelsay then added a new reason for denying them. He stated that the minutes were not legible. To prove this to the assembly, did he put them up on the overhead so everyone could see and judge for themselves? No, like a Vegas show magician, he asked for a few volunteers from the crowd. Amazingly, folks immediately jumped up and were selected. When other delegates asked to see, they were informed that the volunteers had been selected. After a few minutes, Kelsay asked them to confirm that the minutes were, in fact, not legible. This was a shameful display for sure; again, if the minutes were not legible, why not let everyone see for themselves? Second, why was that reason not included in the letter informing Vernon County of the loss of their voice?

Sophia Shore (Camden County) then called for a motion to reinstate the Vernon County Delegates! Cyndia Haggard, the Vernon County Committee Chair, was then given the opportunity to respond to the Credentials Committee’s report. She made a passionate and convincing case for her County. She stated exactly what had happened and that they had self-reported and corrected the issue. Ms. Haggard then pointed out that other counties that had issues with their submissions were notified and given the opportunity to correct them. Here is the email that Missouri Republican Party Data Specialist, Trey Faucheux Sent on March 20th, 2024:

“If you are receiving this email, there was an issue with recording your county’s delegate and alternate submission. This may have to do with hand-writing, formatting, etc.

If you could please take the time to fill out and submit the attached spreadsheet on your computer, that would be greatly appreciated to ensure your Delegates and Alternates can be seated at the CD and State Conventions! If you don’t have the information anymore, please let me know ASAP so I can track it down!



Trey Faucheux Data Specialist | Missouri Republican Party

Cyndia Haggard made it a simple argument, was the delegates of CD4 going to allow Vernon County to be treated differently and their voices to be silenced!

The result was a resounding 84 votes for reinstatement and 38 against. The Vernon County Delegates were issued their badges and seated!

Thank you to all who signed the open letter, spread the word across the state and prayed for a just outcome. Our hard work paid off and our prayers were answered!