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SB 735 Update and Call to Action

Jim Pelis has provided the following information on SB 735

SB735, the Constitutional Money Act (Gold/Silver as legal tender), was perfected in the Senate by a vote of 17 YES 13 NO and 4 ABSENT.

We have one more vote in the Senate (third read) before it heads to the House, and that vote requires 18 YES votes.

We had one Democrat, Karla May, vote YES! Call and thank her for her YES vote, and let her know you are looking forward to her YES vote on third read.

Karla May

Mary Elizabeth Coleman co-sponsored the bill during debate, but was not present for the vote. Call/Email her, thank her for her co-sponsorship, and let her know that you are looking forward to her YES vote on third read.

Lincoln Hough voted for SB100 last year, but he was absent for the vote on SB735. Why? Does he no longer support gold/silver as legal tender?

Call/Email the republicans who voted YES on SB100 last year but voted NO on SB735 last week. Ask them why they voted no and encourage them to vote yes on third read.

Mike Bernskoetter

Justin Brown

Elaine Gannon

Mike Cierpiot voted NO as well, but that was expected as he voted NO on SB100 last year. What do you think about that Jackson Countians?