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Protect the Integrity of Our Elections – Make Sure Only U.S. Citizens Can Vote in Missouri Elections

Legislative Alert from Freedom Principle MO

Action to take:

Contact the following:

Majority Floor Leader, Rep. Jonathan Patterson 573-751-0907 or

Speaker Dean Plocher 573-751-1544 or

Complete Message from Freedom Principle MO:

While the House is now working to fix the initiative petition reform, we have another opportunity to further strengthen our elections by preventing non-citizens from voting in our elections. HB 1413, sponsored by Representative Dan Stacy (Dist. 31) would require beginning in 2025 any Missouri driver’s license or non-driver’s license issued to a person who is a citizen of the United States, including naturalized citizens, to have a distinguishing mark on the front of the license that specifies the license holder is a citizen of the United States.

HB 1413 has been passed out of the Rules Committee and is now awaiting a floor vote. Please call Majority Floor Leader Representative Jonathan Patterson at 573-751-0907 or e-mail him at and Speaker Dean Plocher at 573-751-1544 or email at and tell them to bring HB 1413 to an immediate vote and pass before they go on spring break.

Voting is a fundamental right of citizenship, and four amendments to the Constitution, (15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th) specifically recognize and protect this right. Federal law requires citizenship to vote in a federal election, but this does not apply to many state and local elections. Currently, Article 8, Section 2 of the Missouri Constitution defines that “All citizens of the United States, including occupants of soldiers’ and sailors’ homes, over the age of eighteen who are residents of this state and of the political subdivision in which they offer to vote are entitled to vote at all elections by the people….” Right now, the only way to prove someone is a U.S. citizen is through voting rolls, which we know are incorrect.

Requiring our driver’s license to have a distinguishing mark on it, will help reduce voter fraud and will help make sure only U.S. and Missouri Citizens are voting in Missouri’s elections.