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Protect Children from Drag Queen Shows

Up Date on HB 1650 Hearing

The hearing has been moved to 4:15 pm in House Hearing Room 3

Here is the update from Freedom Principle MO:

Keep Our Children Safe – Submit Testimony to Protect our Children from Drag Queen Shows
The Special Committee on Public Policy is holding a hearing tomorrow on HB 1650 Sponsored by Representative Mazzie Christensen to protect our children from Drag Queen shows. HB 1650 would classify these drag queen shows as “adult cabaret performances.”We saw in 2022 and 2023 that these drag queen shows specifically target children. They claimed it was “family-oriented,” only to have them submit children to sexually explicit entertainment. HB 1650 would make any person who is engaging in an adult cabaret performance a Class A Misdemeanor if the performance is on public property or is in a location where the performance could be viewed by a child. The Special Committee on Public Policy Committee will be holding a hearing tomorrow in House Hearing Room 3 at 4:15 pm. I have been informed by Representative Christensen that Chris Barrett, from Gays Against Groomers, is asking for support from conservative groups to show up to the hearing and fill the room because a group called NClusion Plus, a group from Columbia, MO that promotes drag queen shows for children has put out a call to action for their group to show. If you can, please show up in force and testify in support of HB 1650. If you can’t show up, please submit an online testimony by clicking on the button below. This is our opportunity to protect our children and protect our community from these radical groomers. Hearing InformationSpecial Committee on Public PolicyWednesday, March 7 @ 4:15 pmHouse Hearing Room 3
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