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Henry County Solar Farm Information Meeting

 Meet on March 4th @ 6:00 pm to get information on the Solar Farm in Henry County, and learn what is going on and how it can be prevented in your township. The meeting will be held at 201 west Franklin street, Clinton, Missouri 64735.

Message from Josiah Town:

Please share this info and mark your calendar if you would like to see Henry County protected from advancement of the wind and solar companies.

Even if you are in favor of all of the green energy compounds but agree that there should be restrictions put in place to ensure property values, natural views, natural resource, wildlife and habitat should be protected, then this meeting is for you. Townships will have no leverage against these companies to negotiate protections if they don’t have planning and zoning in place.

As we witnessed recently, our current county commissioners easily gave up what little leverage they had before ever talking to the community about this issue. Then they went out of their way to shut down transparency in their public meeting, dodging accountability.