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From Families for Home Education

Action Alert – Calls and Emails needed

FHE is opposing the MO Scholars Expansion bills that will be heard in the House Special Committee on Education Reform, Monday, February 12, 2024, at 1 PM in the Joint Hearing room (117). If you agree with us, please call or email today.

HB 1615, sponsored by Rep. Brad Hudson

HB 1671, sponsored by Rep. Mattiesen

HB 1738, sponsored by Rep. Doug Richey

HB 2104, sponsored by Rep. Phil Christophanelli

For Bill Summaries, go to our FHE Capitol Report.

All of these bills in some way expand the MO Scholars program.

Background information

FHE, while being neutral on parts of this program that do not effect homeschoolers, has opposed some of the egregious rules created by the Treasurer’s Office for home school participation, especially the rule to require everyone living in the home of a home school 18 years of age or older to submit to a background check. HB 2104 removes a parent from the background check, but it does not take the 18-year-old child still living at home, or possibly, grandma living with the family out of the requirement.

HB 2104 and HB 1738 changes the tax credit a taxpayer contributes to the scholarship fund from a non-refundable tax credit to a refundable tax credit. A refundable tax credit is when a taxpayer can receive more money from the state than their tax liability. At this point, direct government money becomes part of the MO Scholars program. And again, government money always requires more accountability.

The best thing would be to remove a home school from the MO Scholars program before there is any expansion of the program. In other states, which have started with similar programs to the MO Scholars and then advanced to full government funded ESA (Empowerment Scholarship Account) programs, they have seen immediate bill filings to put more restrictions on all home schools. This is a dangerous road to travel. Don’t “sell your home school freedom for the money carrot”.

If you agree with FHE, help protect our homes school freedoms by calling or emailing all of the House Special Committee on Education Reform members today. Also, you may want to consider coming to the hearing on Monday.

You might say something like this in your email or phone call:

“I would respectfully request a home school be removed from the MO Scholars program. If a home school is not removed from the program, please oppose HBs 1615, 1671,1738, and 2104, bills expanding the MO Scholars program. Thank you for your kind consideration of this matter.”

House Special Committee on Education Reform Committee members:

Rep. Bishop Davidson, Chairman

Phone: 573-751-2381


Rep. Justin Hicks, Vice-Chairman

Phone: 573-751-3572


Rep. Mark Sharp, Ranking Minority Member

Phone: 573-751-0238


Rep. Phil Christophanelli

Phone: 573-751-2250


Rep. Chris Dinkins

Phone: 573-751-2112


Rep. Ben Keathley

Phone: 573-751-1247


Rep. Ian Mackey

Phone: 573-751-3859


Rep. Bob Titus

Phone: 573-751-3833


Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch

Phone: 573-751-1169


Rep. Kevin Windham

Phone: 573-751-4726


Note, you may see some other moms sharing our alert posts for us. With so many FB groups, Facebook shuts me down after so many of the same post, and I can’t get the information out to everyone. So we now have a team of AWESOME moms helping.