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Draft of the 2024 Missouri GOP Platform

The Missouri GOP has released a draft of the 2024 Missouri GOP Platform. The party says, “Every four years, the Missouri Republican Party’s Platform is revised to ensure our guiding principles remain strong, cohesive, and relevant to the everyday Missourian!”

It is important that we thoroughly review it quickly. Any proposed changes must be submitted at the Caucus on March 2nd. If you have changes that you want to see included, you should bring a detailed, typed document to the caucus. Any proposed change will be voted on at each local caucus. All that pass will be forwarded to the Platform Committee for consideration. The Platform Committee will consider amendments and submit its recommendations for a vote of the delegates present at the Missouri Republican State Convention on May 4, 2024.

If you find items of concern or wish to comment on the platform you can include them below.