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Call to Action on MO – RCV – SJR 78

The Left has already spent more than $6.8 million in Missouri to institute a confusing voting scheme that disenfranchises the people – Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Fortunately, there is an effort that would stop RCV in its tracks.

RCV, also known as Rigged Choice Voting, is fraught with problems. This report from The Heritage Foundation highlights the many issues with Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV):

  • RCV is prone to errors. Alameda County, California officials admitted two months after a 2022 school board election that they had incorrectly tabulated the RCV votes and had certified the wrong person as the winner. No election official noticed the mistake because of the overly complicated process of RCV vote counting until an outside advocacy group flagged the issue. 
  • RCV disenfranchises voters. Nearly one in three voters do not rank multiple candidates in RCV elections. Thus, if a voter does not rank all the candidates in a race, that voter’s ballot may be thrown out in subsequent rounds of vote tabulation. In the 2021 New York mayor’s race, by the eighth round, the ballots of more than 140,000 voters had been thrown out because they did not completely rank all candidate choices. These voters were effectively disenfranchised due to “ballot exhaustion.” 
  • RCV undermines the democratic process. The ultimate winner in RCV is often not the choice of a majority of voters who participated in the election and thus, does not have a genuine mandate from a majority of voters.

RCV is about political power, not about what is best for Missouri. 

What Can Missouri Do?

Thankfully, Senator Ben Brown has introduced Senate Joint Resolution 78 which would prohibit Ranked-Choice Voting in our state. 

The resolution clearly states “Under no circumstances shall a voter be permitted to cast a ballot in a manner that results in the ranking of candidates for a particular office.”

This resolution protects the integrity of Missouri’s elections, and helps ensure it is easy to vote and hard to cheat in our state. 

>> Take Action: Email the Senate Elections Committee and tell them to support SJR 78

Click here to goto Heritage Action Page to Email Senate Elections Committee!