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SJR 74 Critical Alert on IP Reform

SJR 74 Protect Life

We’ve to keep the pressure on the Senate leadership. Call & Call again! If we don’t get IP reform passed now, the consequences are truly dire. Pass SJR 74 NOW!

HB 1763 House Bills

HB 1763 requires that, beginning January 1, 2027, all officers submit referrals for any violations to DAs in the form approved.

SB 1029 Senate Bills

SB 1029 phases out the corporate income tax over a period of years beginning with the 2025 tax year. Each annual reduction in the tax rate shall be by 0.8%.

SB 735 Senate Bills

SB 735 modifies and creates new provisions relating to the sole purpose of regulating the use of gold and silver.

SJR 74 Call to Action Update! House Bills

SJR 74 is being held up by Jon Patterson! Contact Representative Jon Patterson at 573-751-0907 and tell him to bring SJR 74 to the floor for a vote. 

SB 782 Senate Bills

SB 782 shall make it unlawful to withdraw water from any water source for export outside the state unless such person holds a water exportation permit.

SJR 74 Update and Call to Action! House Bills

It has been a battle to get meaningful IP reform passed this term. We can still get it done, but SJR 74 needs our support to get it over the finish line.

The SB 727 Problem Senate Bills

There has been a lot of discussion about SB 727, and we want to provide the most complete information on the bill. Included are the best resources available.

Education Freedom Act Needs Support!

Support MO SB 814

Education Freedom Act Needs Support! Freedom Principle MO Calls for Senate Leadership to Quit Stalling and Bring SB 814 to the Senate Floor for an Immediate Vote!